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Slide background Unique digital model for each urban area Enriching, enhancing the Life of Citizens
Slide background Enhancing and enriching the life of Smart Citizens Creating business opportunities and jobs Productivity instruments for Local Administration in Smart Governance Contributing to the collaborative economy Quick implementation of ISO 37120 standard “Indicators of Quality of Life” Your Smart City Team

Smart City Monitor

enabling digital transformation of big data streams from smart everything into rich set of data driven information services for citizens, businesses, administrations, tourists to control, prevent, command, answer questions and take right actions in real time

A new style of city management:

measuring the city with the Smart City Monitor and have integrated vision of the smart city for smart governance

Business opportunities

by saving time, costs with quick, easy mobile access to open city services, its performance and quality, sharing knowledge and resources in community

Smart Applications for Smart City

What applications for a smart city you can implement with Smart City quickly and cost-effectively to ensure local policies and community interests.

How it works

Smart City project to pilot and prototype the Future

accumulate practical knowledge, analyse and try different approaches in small steps with minimum costs and risks and maximum success of Smarty City project

Financing opportunities for Smart City projects

are better if several innovative cities present one large infrastructure project prepared and implemented in assistance with major European Bank

Service for Municipalities, Stakeholders and Citizens

Launching integrated digital information services proving geoinformation, real time performance and analysis of processes in your city for Quality of Life 

Unique digital urban model for each city

fosters digital transformation by revealing actual urban processes and enabling stakeholders to make decentralized decisions independently real time