Smart Applications for Smart City

Smart Applications for Smart City

Smart City Monitor supports variety of cost-effective applications and use cases

Here are some examples: 

  • Certification for compliance with ISO 37120:2018 and other relevant standards in ISO 371xxx series and its public transparency (click here for the details)

  • Smart integrated holistic management and maintenance of Shopping Centers and Campuses (presentation) 

  • Support of City Operational Control Centres

  • Practical digital transformation applications in various Smart City or Smart District projects and mobility

  • Assisting municipalities in new modes of transparent Smart Sustainable Governance and Management

  • Monitoring and public transparency of environmental, educational and attendance indicators in schools

  • Enabling public transparency of local governance and its quality by custom key performance indicators

  • Enabling stakeholder access to the rich set of performance indicators such as urban development, land prices, environment, quality of life urban areas 

  • Implementation of citizen transparency programs including social, economic, environmental, jobs, qualifications and education and others

  • Management and implementation of evidence based projects fostering Circular Economy and its public transparency in urban areas

  • Enabling holistic smart management of water in urban area accordingly to international standards

  • Enabling holistic smart management of waste collection and processing in urban areas accordingly to international standards

  • Enabling holistic smart management of wastewater in metropolitan or urban area

  • Holistic smart management of fleet of municipal vehicles and control of road tax collection, inbound and outbound traffic statistics

  • Holistic smart management and monitoring of public assets, infrastructure, energy, other processes in a Smart City

  • Automatic collection of metering data from large number of energy, water, waste and other data sources in public assets for accounting and monitoring and process transparency

  • Linking multiple sensors and IoT and automated systems to the City Operational Control and Сommand Сentre

  • Smart holistic management of schools, kindergartens, cultural places, parks and gardens

The SCM platform empowers cost effective implementation of various projects making the results available for all stakeholders in real time. It fosters effective learning of new powerful smart applications for administration and management, strong accumulated cost-savings, new skills and job opportunities in digital transformation.