Smart Governance Monitor

Smart Governance Monitor is integrated platform supporting implementation of Open Sustainable Governance tasks in regions, islands, groups of small towns. It fosters transition to digital economy and enables new set of digital services to residents, tourists, local businesses and administration. 

The implementation allows integrating best practices of local governance with existing or newly developed international standards such as

  • ISO 37120 “Sustainable development of communities — Indicators for city services and quality of life” for all theme-objects and core indicators.
  • ISO/DIS 37101 Sustainable development of communities -- Management systems -- Requirements with guidance for resilience and smartness
  • ISO/TR 37150:2014 Smart community infrastructures -- Review of existing activities relevant to metrics
  • ISO/DTS 37151 Smart community infrastructure metrics
  • ISO/DTR 37152 Smart community infrastructures -- Common framework for development and operation

The Smart Governance Monitor enables automatic access to large number of diverse local data sources including data centers, databases, IoT sensors, SCADAs (water, waste, etc) and information exchange with other regional servers supporting Smart Governance in particular urban areas and islands. In addition to variety of digital services provided to residents and tourists online, it allows calculation of in integrated performance indicators on Regional Smart Governance server for all its focus objects areas, objects and its presentation to relevant stakeholders.

The solution supports monitoring, analysis, benchmarking and simulations of results of governance policies based on evidence data, evaluation or risks and optional responses.

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