Smart City Monitor

Smart City Monitor

Smart City Monitor as service for Smart Urban Communities and Local and Regional Governance

Smart City Monitor is an innovative, open and powerful information technology enabling AI-driven digital transformation of big data into rich set of custom services for holistic monitoring and control of complex urban processes in real time. It effectively fosters implementation of Smart and Intelligent City concepts as well as experimenting, prototyping, learning and step by step assistance to administrations in smart sustainable governance and management at low cost and minimum risks.

Provided with holistic vision and transparency of the complex processes in urban area as Big System of Systems in real time, the stakeholders can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of Local and Regional Management and Governance and Quality of Life and its transparency for communities, promote and evaluate new business models.

The Smart City Monitor is an advanced IoT and blockchain enabled technology solution having high level of customization and capacity to integrate data from multiple separate urban systems, sensors, IoT, spreadsheets, databases, mobile phones and other data sources. Its customized information services for stakeholders enable effective real time command, control and analytics for the administration of communities, operational information centers having multiple sources of information, city planners and utility providers (water, energy, waste, environment, etc), services for citizens, tourists and local businesses.

The main platform components include as the follows:

  • Smart City Monitor engine running locally or in cloud
  • Smart City Monitor web clients and mobile apps for accessing real time information about urban objects, processes and maps
  • Interactive software instruments for the development of local urban model and its linking to various urban systems, sensors and open data sources using local communication options
  • Urban model by ISO 37120 that can be used as the open template for setting local City Score dashboard using local open data sources and running in real time at Smart City Monitor engine to support management, city certification, and further inclusion of the city infrastructure objects

The solution had been implemented in several cities providing local administration and stakeholders with cost effective and low risk access to innovative technology and quick achievement of results and knowledge. The technology implementation stages in the cities include planning, training, installation, urban model development (can be initially based on ISO37120 for certification and further gradually expanded), integration with heterogeneous local data sources, creation of new business models and information services for the metropolitan and urban areas and small-medium size city clusters, its evaluation and presentations at the relevant public events.

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