Overview of Smart City demo

Video presentations 

The online demo presents realistic example of the open integrated urban platform implementation for a medium size city. Its rich set of real time applications support daily life and activities of Citizens, local businesses, community management and utility providers effectively enhancing City Life and its sustainable management.

The Smart City Monitor provides the simple and easy understandable set of interactive controls such as

  • The link names of particular user selected City Objects opening relevant detailed reports by a click 
  • The color icons on the right presenting current performance status of the relevant object which on click open the widget of the history of object status change (daily)
  • The icons in the column "Images" providing the optional pictures, diagrams, video or camera streams and maps related to the object
  • The icons presenting the shortcuts of customized target object groups of an user interest (e.g. business, urban performance by ISO 37120, shops, restaurants, doctors, cinemas, etc)
  • The icon “Navigate” for viewing the urban model structure, its objects, their properties, indicators, sensors, etc  
  • The menu item “Icon” switching views to objects from "TableView" to “IconView” (mobile apps) and back as well as other customized menu items  
  • The Events list providing real time updates about ongoing events accordingly to user selection.

The user may switch to map view and reports by a click on the selected icon, menu item or object name. All settings in the real implementation of Smart City monitor are customizable.  Some functions of the urban platform are disabled in the demo version.